Admission Arrangements

Princethorpe Infant School & Nursery Class  Admission Arrangements


Our current pupil admission number is 60 in Reception and 39 in Nursery. Our admissions and appeals follow the Birmingham Local Authority Admission and Appeal’s policy for which full details are available at

To apply for a Reception Class place from September, then please complete an application online through the website. If you wish to apply for a Nursery, Year 1 or Year 2 place or an in -year place for Reception (change of school/ new to the country) then please apply to the school directly.

Children in Reception start school in the September, the year they turn five. i.e if the child has reached the age of four by 31st August, they can start school in the September.  We work with prior providers to ensure the best possible start to school life. An induction meeting is held for new Reception children and their parents during the summer term.  In September, there is a chance to talk with the teacher prior to your child starting school; this is to share information.

We offer part-time places in our Nursery class for any child who has reached the age of three by 31st August. However, we may also accept children who turn 3yrs during the academic year; these children start Nursery the term after they have turned 3yrs, providing there are spaces.

The school currently undertakes home visits prior to a child beginning Nursery in September; this is a great opportunity for parents to discuss with our staff any concerns or information they need to share with the school. It also familiarises both child and parents with our staff.

We expect children to be toilet-trained prior to starting Reception or Nursery, as developmentally-accepted of a child three to five years of age.  We have no purpose-built changing facilities.

At the end of Year 2 (the year the child becomes 7) children transfer to the Junior School.  This is not automatic however, and parents/carers will need to complete an application process to secure a place.

 A transition programme is in place to assist with the changes children will face. Teachers will always make time available to discuss any issues arising from this process.