Sports Premium

Sports/PE Premium


  • To improve the quality of existing PE teaching;
  • To increase participation levels in healthy activity of children;
  • For schools to understand and value the benefits of high quality PE and sport.

Good quality coaching has:

  • improved sports skills in children;
  • improved knowledge and skill in staff, including midday supervisors;
  • improved physical, technical and mental understanding in a wide range of sports;
  • developed further the wider life skills of communication, collaboration, fair play and leadership.

Our Sports Coach has:

  1. modelled good practice to all staff, including midday supervisors,
  2. shared expertise through direct delivery of PE lessons;
  3. transferred expert knowledge to teachers and increased their confidence in teaching PE;
  4. enriched sports through a wider range of activities;
  5. enabled children to develop skills and competence;
  6. improved the children’s performance over time;
  7. acted as a positive male role model;
  8. further improved communication and leadership skills.

The Sports Premium money has been spent well because:

  • PE lessons are good with many elements of outstanding;
  • children speak very positively about PE and sports;
  • children have experience of a wider range of physical activities, such as Dodgeball and yoga;
  • all staff report that they have been up-skilled;
  • midday provision has improved; children engaged in positive, active play;
  • it has made a positive contribution to active healthy lifestyles of both staff and children.