Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium money is used to

  • plan and deliver quality interventions;
  • ensure that the best staff for the job are deployed;
  • enhance curriculum delivery through visits and visitors, workshops and exciting experiences;
  • improve the day-to-day teaching through training staff and enhancing their skills as part of their continuing professional development.

Practitioners monitor children’s progress and analyse the data to identify who is succeeding and who may be underachieving.  From this information, the quality of provision is evaluated and necessary interventions are planned and delivered. The Headteacher monitors the delivery of each practitioner’s teaching and the standard of the children’s learning by tracking the progress made. Twice a term the Headteacher meets with staff teams to discuss the progress of pupils.  This is linked to the staff’s Performance Management too.   Practitioners know their pupils well and gather evidence of progress, which in turn enhances the quality of teaching and learning for all pupils.

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