It is very important that your child attends school as regularly as possible.  Children who attend school every day make the most progress.

There is a legal requirement for us to record the reasons for a child’s absence from school.  Please contact us when your child is away.  You should telephone school by 10.00am.  We will contact you if we don’t hear from you; please answer your phone.

Inform us in advance if your child has a hospital / doctors / dentist or similar appointment during school time and please bring in the appointment card/letter for us to see.

Please let us know if your child has an infectious illness as soon as you have confirmation from the doctor.   We have to inform the Local Authority too.

We are advised that you should keep your child away for 48 hours after sickness or diarrhoea before allowing them to return to school.

If your child is taken ill in school, we must be able to contact you.  If you do not have a telephone yourself, we ask you to provide the telephone number of a person who can pass on a message to you.


Please remember to notify us if you
1.    change your address
2.    change your place or hours of work
3.    change your emergency contact number.
We have a text-messaging service in school.  It is important that we have your contact mobile number so that you do not miss out on messages.



All children should have an attendance rate of at least 96%.


Your child has a legal right to be educated.  You are legally responsible for this.  We are here to support you with this.  As part of the monitoring process, each month we will send you a report showing details of absences for your child if they fall below 95% attendance.  Come and talk to us if you are having problems; we’re here to help.  If your child’s attendance falls below 90%, the school’s Social Welfare Officer may become involved.


The School Governors recommend that you do not take holiday in term time.  Headteachers are not allowed to authorise holidays in term time, unless there are exceptional circumstances.