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We have recently introduced the International Primary Curriculum into school.  The learning that we plan for the children is linked to units of learning and different activities are identified which provide a cross-curricular approach.  Some of our work is delivered through more specific lessons, such as phonics, handwriting and number skills.

We aim to personalise every child’s learning.  There will be times when your child will be taught as part of a class, in a small group and as an individual.  For other sessions, children are grouped so that work can be targeted to meet their particular needs.

We plan teaching and learning very carefully in order to make sure that the children experience an appropriate broad and balanced curriculum.  We give priority to developing children’s communication skills through our language work and to ensuring that children develop basic skills in Mathematics.

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is for all nursery and reception-aged children.  The curriculum has a strong emphasis on learning through play.

In accordance with the National Curriculum the formal subject areas for children in Years 1 and 2 are:  English, Mathematics, Science, Information and Communications Technology, Design and Technology, History, Geography, Music, Art & Design, Physical Education and Personal, Social Health Education and Citizenship.  Religious Education is also part of our curriculum.

Three term plans

Three Term Plan Nursery

Three Term Plan Reception

Three Term Plan Year 1

Three Term Plan Year 2

Curriculum skills sheets

Skills sheets Science

Skills sheets R.E.

Skills sheets music

Skills sheets D and T

Skills sheets Art

Skills sheets PE

Skills sheet geography_history KS1

Skills sheet geography history foundation

Maths Policies

Progression in written addition

Progression in written division

Progression in written multiplication

Progression in written subtraction

Reporting to parents

You will receive a written report every year telling you about your child’s progress.  It will be concerned with the all round development of your child.  You will be able to discuss this report with us at a Consultation meeting.